Securefast AML2C-Video Doorbell with Chime

The Securefast video doorbell is a high-grade video doorbell which comes complete with a plugable chime, and with intelligent Wi-Fi configuration allowing long distance signal transmission allowing the user to view the video content from a hand held tablet or mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

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The intelligent Wi-Fi configuration allows long distance signal transmission, meaning that the video footage can be viewed anywhere in the world, from any handheld device such as a phone or tablet, Wi-Fi connection to the video doorbell enables it to connect multiple users and allow live online viewing at the same time.
Visitors can also make video calls with the owner of the premises, which can be recorded for a short period of time.

Features & Benefits:

The unit has one year stand by battery life, therefore there is no need for hard-wiring
• Advanced high speed video processor chip
• Long distance signal transmission, support mobile phone real time monitoring
• High definition video and two way voice call makes communication clearer
• Wi-Fi connection for convenient monitoring
• Low power consumption and energy saving
• Built in IR LED, support night vision for safety monitoring at night
• Micro SD Card storage and cloud storage
• Micro USB cable is required for charging
• Security screws prevent easy removal• App can be put on multiple mobile devicesSecurefast AML2C | Aml2C Securefast Video Doorbell C/W Chime | Rexeluk

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