Securefast ASEL2460 Electric Escape Sash Lock

View the Securefast ASEL2460 electric escape sash lock, offering a choice of functions in a single lockcase.

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Product Specification:

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12V DC



The Securefast ASEL2460 electric escape sash lock at Electric Locking Systems offers a choice of cuntions in a single lockcase.
The high quality British made Electric lock provides the ideal security solution for all entrance doors, corridor doors, high traffic exit doors and access controlled doors.
• Non-handed
• Lock case 60mm back set, 72mm lock centres
• Inside handle operation withdraws latch and deadbolts with a single action and overrides all other applications on the escape sashlock
• Outside handle operation is blocked when deadbolt is thrown to maintain engagement of the latch bolt and prevent application of a side load to the deadbolt
• Deadbolt is automatically thrown 3 seconds after the door is fully closed or if the door is unlocked but has not been opened
• The deadbolt is fully withdrawn before the latch bolt disengages from the striker to ensure that no side loading is applied to the deadbolt
• 8mm Stainless Steel follower
• 12v 1A DC operation, the coil is pulsed to control temperature

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