Securitron MM15 Memlock

The Securitron MM15 Memlock is a high security magnetic lock with an impressive 4000lbs holding force, dual voltage and dual current magnalock for interior or perimeter doors.

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Product Specification:

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12V DC & 24V DC



The Securitron MM15 Memlock at Electric Locking Systems is an ultra high security magnetic lock housed in a compact unit with great features, including dual voltage to cater for dual currents. The MM15 maglock features a hybrid design with two spring loaded hardened steel jaws that in the event of a forced entry attempt, the 2 side mandibles rotate inwards and clamp down capturing and locking on to the edges of the armature plate.

If you require a high security locking solution that needs to work as part of your access control or door entry system the Securitron MM15 is ideal.

Features of the Memlock:

  • 4000 lbs. holding force provides an unmatched level of security
  • Dual voltage (12/24) and dual current (ac/dc) operation
  • Mounting plate provides easy and accurate installation
  • Fail safe, but can be installed with a battery backup power supply
  • Optional door position switch and anti-tamper switch
  • Optional prep for use with 1/2″ conduit
  • Optional finishes via dress covers include black, polished brass and satin brass
  • Brackets and accessories to configure any opening
  • Indoor use only
  • Magnacare® lifetime replacement, no fault warranty

Securitron MM15 specification:

  • Holding force: 4000 lbs. [1814 kg]
  • Current draw and voltage:
  • Ac current: 130 ma max at 12 vac, 250 ma max at 24 vac
  • Dc current: 100 ma max at 12 vdc, 200 ma max at 24 vdc
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +140f [-40 to +60c]
  • Shipping weight: 6 lbs
  • Ul listed

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