Terminus3 Software Entra Control system

Terminus3 can be easily added to existing systems that can take it and its free but you might need technical help to update it if you do we can help

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Available to download free of charge.

Terminus3 can be easily added to existing systems
to provide real time onscreen card transaction,
alarm control and monitoring.

Features & Benefits
• Real time display and tracking of alarms and
• Dial up support module for remote sites
• Temporary, blocked and banned card functions
• Automatic roll call by area
• Emergency lockdown feature
• Local displays of the cardholders photo for visual
• Automatic holiday schedules and daylight savings
• Automatic Fire alarm link which includes; the
unlocking/locking of doors and the
printing/emailing of the roll call
• Controls and monitors building management
• Existing Wintacs/Domain access control and time
and attendance software databases can be
converted to the client/server data base engine
used by terminus
• Easy graphical display and set up of system
• Multi-level, timed anti pass-back (Entra+ only)
• Automated backup
• Alarm triggered emailing/printing of reports
• Area counting such as with car parks (option,
only on Integra systems)
• Integration with Kone & Otis lift systems (access
control of other lifts provided with BMS board

Reports Available
• Alarms
• Door usage
• Events
• Events by category and cardholder
• Hours worked (current cardholders)
• Hours worked daily (First IN, Last OUT)
• How many different people use a door in a day,
a week, a month etc.
• System maintenance alarms
In addition to the standard reports listed,
customer reports can either be created by the
end-user or on request can be created by
Securefast IET Ltd.

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