Trimec ES6001 Electric Lock

View the Trimec electric hook lock ES6001, suitable for swinging and sliding doors and wood or steel door frames.

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Product Specification:

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12V DC & 24V DC
Vertical or Horizonal
Stainless Steel




The Trimec hook lock ES6001 at Electric Locking Systems is suitable for swinging and sliding doors and wood or steel door frames.
The ES6001 is heavy duty designed with its high pre load (side load) capability of up to 300 kg, high holding force of up to 700 kg. Both Power to Open and Power to Lock models are available.
The ES6001 is available in both recess and surface mounted versions.
The ES6001 recess mounted version is completed with elegant satin stainless-steel faceplate. The surface mounted version is completed with a cast aluminium cover.
ES6001 can be mounted vertically and horizontally, with self-latching ability without power for fire applications.
• Power to Open or Power to Lock versions available
• Side Load (Pre-Load) Capable: Operates freely with up to 300 kg of side pressure
• Self Latching: Will self latch without power for fire applications
• 680kg holding force
• Robust Construction: Stainless steel components used
• Low Profile: Will protrude only 40mm into door headroom
• Multi Voltage: Automatic selection 12 to 30Vdc with back EMF protection and reverse polarity protection
• Multi Orientation: Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
• Low Current Consumption
– 12VDC- 250mA after 1 sec. (initial current 830mA)
– 24VDC- 140mA after 1 sec.(initial current 530mA)
• Monitored: locked and unlocked
• Tested to 300kg pre load capability
• Heavy Duty Applications
• Sliding & Swing door applications
• High Air Pressure Environments (High Pre Load rating)
• Supply Voltage 12-30Vdc Ground (OV)
• 12Vdc – 250 mA after 1 sec. (initial current 830 mA)
• 24Vdc – 140 mA after 1 sec. (initial current 530 mA)
• Door locked (Solenoid) – Door Closed (Latch)
• 1500 lbs. (680kg) static strength rating
• 70 foot-lbs. dynamic strength rating

• 250,000 cycles endurance testing
Internal Testing achieved:
• 2,000,000 cycles of operation
• 660lbs (300kg) pre-load capability
• Operational temperature range: -20°C to + 60°C
Lock Body:
• Cast Aluminium Construction
Lock Body:
• Solid Stainless Steel Construction
Lock Bolt:
• Solid Stainless Steel

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