Viro V9083 Electric Lock

View the Viro V9083 electric lock with rotating dead bolt, service and security function, and a holding force of 540kg. Please note the Euro Cylinder is not supplied.

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The Viro V9083 electric lock at Electric Locking Systems includes a rotating dead bolt, service and security function, and a holding force of 540kg.

  • Single version
  • Interchangeable with the v90 (series 7920) and v83 (series 7910) electric locks.
  • The v9083 is supplied with the service function: the lock opens with the electric impulse and only resets once the gate has been opened and then closed. It is therefore suitable for use with door closers and/or automation systems.
  • By simply removing an internal component, the v9083 acquires the security function. The lock opens only when electric impulse and manual or automatic pressure are applied simultaneously. It is therefore not suitable for use with a door closer.
  • It can be opened with a key from the outside, and with a key or electric impulse from the inside.
  • Aisi 304 inox stainless steel high resistance and double tightness deadbolt. The clearance between the deadbolt and the striker (+/- 7,5 mm) guarantees that the lock will work even if there is vertical adjustment between the lock and the striker (a common occurrence due to weather changes).
  • Suitable for lightweight gates without ledge too, as the deadbolt get perfectly blocked at the end of the key rotation.
  • Supplied with plate to be placed under the striker for further differences between the jamb and the gate.
  • Registered patent
  • Supplied with: striker for horizontal installation item 9083.117
  • For vertical installation, ask for the floor striker. Item 9986 instead of the standard striker.
  • On request: for horizontal installation:
  • Galvanised steel roof-plate and striker plate. Item 9990
  • For vertical installation:
  • Galvanised steel roof-plate
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