VO6&V9083 installation motorized up/over doors

These kits provide all you need to fit the VIRO VO6 or V9083 electric locks to your motorized garage doors to provide an enhanced level of security.

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    Internal 3 mm thick plate used to fix the electric locks and 2 external 3 mm thick external plates, one of which has a slot for the installation of a double cylinder for release of the lock.Template which facilitates the correct positioning of the vertical column in relation to the lock.8 mm thick vertical column to support the 3.5 mm thick floor strikerwith has slots to allow adjustment during installation.Fixing plate for the floor striker to make it integral with the vertical column.The 3 possible adjustments (2 on the vertical column and 1 on the floor striker) make it possible to find the most correct position of the deadbolt in the striker seat.Steel spacers ∅ 14 mm and DIN holes on the external plate with a slot for the security escutcheon to protect the cylinder.
  • For up-and-over doors wider than 2.5 m, it is recommended to install 2 locks, 1 on each side with accessories (item 1.7918.0600.2)
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