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There are many reasons why a manager needs to think carefully about their access control system. Employees often get locked out or lose their keys. Ex-employees may try to get back into your company building. Or maybe you just need to stop cold-callers stopping by uninvited? If you are undecided which access system is best for your business, read our guide below:

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems can help make your office more secure. Open door policies can be a great way to welcome new clients or customers but may put your company at risk. Intercom systems give you control to gauge whether a visitor has a pre-arranged meeting or a cold sales call. Managers or receptionists can buzz in visitors without needing to stay stationary at the door entrance. Door intercom systems are also ideal for efficient communication and access control between offices on different floors in one building.

If you are looking for a door entry system for your company, we recommend the Videx 4000 Series GSM Intercom system with keypad. Unlock your office with your phone or keypad for effortless entry.

Digital Door Locks & Keypads

Digital door locks allow employees to enter a building with a numeric code, similar to a phone number. Managers can give their employees and personnel the code to restrict access to the company building. This can help your company save time and effort, as employees cannot be locked out or forget their keys. You will also save money, as there is no need to call a locksmith to replace locks.

The ACT 10 Digital Keypad is a smart choice for office buildings. Vandal resistant and suitable for outdoors use, this digital keypad lock is built to last. Its keypad also has useful backlighting for clear visibility even at night or early mornings.


Card Entry Systems

Card entry systems are a versatile access control system. Employees can quickly and easily enter their workspace by simply holding their key fob or key card to the reader. Proximity readers eliminate the need for photo or ID verification from security guards. You can also save time and money, as you will not need to cut keys for new employees.

Want a proximity reader for your office? The ACTpro 1040e RFID and HID card reader at Electric Locking Systems can be surface or flush mounted, indoors and outside. This modern proximity reader has tri-colour led indication and built in bleep tone to clearly signify welcome access to your building.

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