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Depending on the commercial building they are protecting, the features of a commercial door entry system can differ greatly. If a retail business has private staff rooms, and don’t want customers snooping in, a simple and affordable keypad lock should suffice. But, for larger commercial buildings, such as a hospital or a large office blocks, a higher level of security is required.

Standard locks do not offer the holding force or necessary access control to protect staff, visitors, equipment and information in these types of commercial buildings. At Electric Locking Systems we offer a range of high-security locks. Here we have compiled a list of our top 5 locks for commercial buildings and which security features to look out for.

  1. Magnetic shear locks

Suitable for any type of door frame construction, magnet shear locks operate through an electromagnet and comprise of a shear keeper and lock bolt. The shear keeper is designed to easily retract from the lock bolt, a vital feature in the case of an emergency.

Magnetic shear locks are ideal for high-security buildings due to their combined electromagnetic and mechanical locking mechanisms, which provide a high physical shear holding force. We recommend the Adams Rite 1354 Armlock Mini Magnet Shearlock for which have an excellent holding force of 1,500kg.

  1. Electric mortice locks

Electric mortice locks come in a variety of options, including different measures of holding the force to suit your security requirements.

Electric mortice locks such as the Trimec ES8000 V Electric Bolt Mortice Lock provide excellent protection against forced entry with a 900kg holding force, ideal for cash offices and secure health units. The Trimec ES8000 also has a motorised feature that is ideal for high-security glass and timer doors.

  1. Solenoid electric bolt locks

Solenoid electric bolt locks are high-security locks, ideal for single or double swing commercial doors. We recommend the ABLOY EL582 Electric Solenoid Lock as it has a deadlocked latch bolt feature and both inside and outside handles can be electronically controlled.

Suitable for all kind of doors, including metal and wooden, this fail-safe & fail secure solenoid lock keeps your business safe. Mechanical opening with a cylinder is possible if necessary.

  1. Pedestrian electric gate locks

Commercial pedestrian gates are another important security consideration. In high-security commercial establishments such as financial offices, a secure entry system for visitors and staff is imperative.

For secure pedestrian gates, we recommend the CISA ElettriKa 1A731 Electric Rim Gate Lock, a CISA deadbolt electric gate lock providing resistance to strength up to 2,000kg! This high-performance electric gate lock locks automatically to ensure no restricted personnel can enter after the users specified time period.

The VIRO V06 Electric Gate Lock is another great choice as it offers flexible installation options including vertical and horizontal fittings. It also has two available functions; it can be used to function as standard with door closers or be used to function for security when an electric impulse and manual or automatic pressure are applied at the same time.

  1. High-security gate locks

Secure restricted access perimeters with sturdy external high-security gate locks. The Deedlock External Magnetic Lock is designed for external metal and wooden vehicle entrance gates. With a holding force of 1,200lbs/554kg, this magnetic gate lock prevents unwarranted access and burglars.

Bonus tip: External gate lock entry systems

To secure external driveway gates further, consider using door and gate entry systems in conjunction with our high-security locks, such as the Daitem SC901AU Wireless Gate Intercom with Key Fob.

This convenient gate entry system kit includes a built-in proximity reader so that authorised persons can activate the gate lock release with ease. It also includes a gate audio intercom so that security teams can grant access to authorised personnel and identify any security threats.

To find out more about our high-security commercial door locks, please call our friendly team on 01202 941 050 or email us at sales@electric.co.uk. We offer free delivery on orders over £50 and if you order before 5pm, we’ll dispatch the same day.

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