Videx 8000 Series Video Intercom Systems with Keypad

The Videx 800 series video intercom system with keypad enables keyless entry for residents using the keypad and video screening of visitors before allowing entry. We supply the one way surface mounted colour video intercom with keypad – other versions are available but please call for pricing.

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Product Specification:

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Surface Mount
1 Call Button



The Videx video intercom with keypad includes one way colour video, keypad lock, surface mount kit & more for access control. we offer the CVKC8KS one way surface mounted Videx video intercom with keypad for purchase directly online.

To purchase other Videx 8000 video kits with keypads listed below, please call us to order:

  • CVKC8K – 1 way flush colour video c/w codelock
  • CVKC8K2 – 2 way flush colour video c/w codelock
  • CVKC8K2S – 2 way surface colour video c/w codelock

The flexible design of the Videx colour video intercom with digital keypad allows for the addition of up to a total of 4 entrance doors and up to 4 video handsets per call button with intercommunication between the handsets. Other facilities include adjustable call tone and time, camera recall (selectable), timed mute facility with led indication.

Door panels have adjustable reassurance tone and call progress LED’s for calling, speak, door open and system busy. The system does not require coaxial cable. Available in surface (/S) or flush with aluminium or black(/BL) surround. The code lock has 2 codes, 2 changeover relay outputs and an override input. It can be programmed from 1-99 seconds or latching output.

This kit includes:

  • 1 x Camera and speech module (Model V-8833-1/C)
  • 1 x Keypad module (Model V-VX8800S)
  • 1 x Surface mounting box (Model V-8887)
  • 1 x Video monitor (Model V-6256)
  • 1 x Power supply unit (Model V-850K)


  • 1 & 2 button video kits based on the 8000 Series
  • Surface or flush mount door panels
  • Up to 4 videophones per call button
  • Intercommunication between videophones
  • 3 code, 3 relay coded access keypad

Technical Details:

  • Number of entrances – 1 (Expandable to 4)
  • Of cores to videophone – 6 from panel, 2 from PSU
  • PSU – 24Vac
  • Recommended cable type – CW1308
  • Maximum number of call buttons – 2
  • Codes – 2 code, 2 relay
  • Code length – 4 to 8 digits
  • Maximum No. Of videophones per call button – 4
  • Lock output – 12Vdc or dry contact
  • Videophone model – 6256
  • PSU model – 850K
  • Amplifier module – 8833/C
  • Codelock module – 8800

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