Viro V06 Electric Gate Lock vertical or horizontal

The Viro V06 electric gate lock can securely control access via estate, pedestrian or iron gates, with a robust casing and easy installation. Available in galvanised steel finish or Anthracite. Please note that the Euro Cylinder is not supplied.

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The Viro V06 is suitable for manual or automatic doors and pedestrian or drive through gates and is interchangeable with the Viro V96.  With a rotating dead-bolt it has a service and security setting which is selectable by simply removing an internal part, this enables the lock to work with door closers and all types of automation systems.

This Viro gate lock offers flexible install options with both vertical and horizontal fitting available. It can also serve two functions;

The Viro V06 is supplied with:

  • galvanised steel floor striker (item 9986),
  • nylon ring nut
  • plug passivated steel support for profile cylinder and fixed screws.
  • Please note that the Euro Cylinder is not supplied.
  • If you require the lock to run on DC please see above left you may also need Viro electric lock coil converter to convert Viro locks from 12V AC to 12V DC or 24VDC.

Viro V06 Functions:

Choose the Viro V06 to function as standard, whereby the gate lock opens with an electric impulse and only resets once the door/gate has been opened and then closed. It is therefore suitable for use with door closers and for all types of automated access control.

Alternatively, choose the Viro V06 to function for security, which is selected by manually removing an internal part. This is where the lock will open only when an electric impulse and manual or automatic pressure are applied simultaneously. It is therefore not advisable to use it with a door closer and/or unsuitable automation systems.

For further product, installation information please see product information and video tab above.

Viro V06 Specifications:

  • Backset: 70 mm.
  • Double replaceable coil: which distributes the load uniformly and ensures a long working life.
  • Voltage: standard 12V AC (on request 12V DC; 24V AC or DC).
  • Case: one-piece galvanized steel, or Anthracite.
  • Cover: galvanized steel.
  • Rotating dead-bolt: solid brass, with nylon insert which makes the locking more silent.
  • Cylinder: set up for double or half profile cylinders (not provided).
  • Floor striker: galvanized steel, to be cemented to the ground or welded to the lower frame of the gate.

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