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Electric locks are becoming an increasingly popular locking solution for not just businesses and commercial buildings, but for residential properties too. Electronic locks provide an added measure of security. They relieve the worry of losing house keys, and the success of any forced entry attempts is significantly reduced.

What are electric locks?

Electronic locks are locking fixtures that lock and unlock by use of an electric current. This current can use a solenoid, electromagnet or motor, and the choice of fail-safe or fail-secure is available. Fail-safe locks unlock automatically if the power cuts, whereas fail-secure locks will stay locked. Access control products are paired with the electric lock to enable the function; these range from keypad and buttons to fobs and access cards.

How do electric locks work?

As mentioned above, electronic door locks are activated by a current, so access is controlled by an electrical impulse. Depending on the electric lock chosen, it can be triggered by a key fob, a key card or by typing in an access code. Regardless of the lock chosen, for every electric door lock the exact access method must be present, as without the correct electronic impulse the door will not open.

An added level of functionality – and emergency access – that electronic locks provide is that many have a physical key slot by the lock which was used for set-up.

What are some of the different types of electric locking systems available?

Magnetic door lock

Magnetic locks are recommended for those looking for a low-maintenance, reliable and easy-to-install electric lock. Deedlock magnetic locks are available in a choice of holding force depending on the security level required.

Electric strike locks

Electric strike locks move the latch by using an electric current. These can be used with access control systems to enable entry by use of key fobs or access cards. One of the most popular electric door strike locks in our range is the Adams Rite 7113 Electric Strike Mortice Lock.

Keyless door lock

Keyless door locks are very popular for residential use, particularly for blocks of flats or offices where lots of people will be accessing the building through that same point of access. These electric locks restrict access to only those who have the set code.

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