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COVID-19 has changed consumer demand in a myriad of ways; one of them being for products that reduce the need to touch surfaces. In 2022, we’ve had various news outlets tell us we need to live with it like we do the flu. But how do we adapt our day to day habits when accessing our offices, schools and hospitals? As an access control supplier, we’ve had to think about how our electric locking systems can make facilities COVID-19 compliant, and that’s by reducing the need for touch.

What facilities have been affected?

Schools, universities, hospitals and care homes make up the biggest market for access control solutions. They need to keep their buildings secure whilst also being accessible, and ensure the safety of their students, the ill and elderly, who are also some of the most affected by the pandemic. Typically, these facilities would operate via an electric lock with a keypad or intercom system that requires touch, which encourages the transmission of COVID-19.

How to adapt to hands free access control systems 

Keypad locks and intercom systems require every user to touch an interface to gain access, and in large hospitals or universities this can be thousands a day. Inevitably this is a cause for concern due to the easy transmission of COVID-19 yet is likely considered far less than door handles. The demand for automatic door openers was substantial when COVID hit; online searches for them doubled from 10k searches in Dec 19 to a peak 21k searches in May 2020 (Google Keyword Tool). But how often are building managers considering the entry systems that entrants also use? The key to adapting these systems is by changing the entry from keypads and intercom to touch free smart locks or individual door fob and key card systems. Biometrics, like fingerprint door locks, whilst being incredibly secure and a pillar of innovation, do have the requirement of touch and therefore may be unsuitable for the time being.

Touchless access control systems

There are many touchless access control systems on the market that feature smartphone, voice activation like Alexa and other smart technology, as well as more budget friendly key card and fob solutions. At Electric Locking Systems, we stock a variety of touchless access control solutions for homes and commercial or public establishments;

Touchless access for large buildings:

  • The SCLAK Bluetooth Smartphone Access Control System enables users to manage and administer access to an unlimited number of users, ideal for large offices or hospitals. An administrator grants access via their mobile phone to individual users who can then unlock doors via Bluetooth, on an app on their smartphone within a proximity of 15 meters. Due to it being a cloud based system, it is virtually limitless, as are the doors and gates it can operate. The administrator is also notified of entries making it a touchless, secure and easy to use system.

Touchless door access for medium sized offices and facilities:

  • The BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY easy 5601 Smartphone Lock is also smartphone operated for up to 50 users, making it ideal for smaller offices and shops. The app features a virtual button for easy use and the administrator can set access via computer software. It can also be set up with a secuENTRY keypad, making it ideal for users who require touch and touchless door access.

Touchless access for small offices:

  • The latest innovation in access control is the voice activated Ultion Smart ZWave, Zigbee & Alexa Front Door Lock. In another room and want to double check the doors are locked? Ask Alexa to lock or unlock the door. The Ultion Smart also features a super stylish handle and world renowned secure lock for peace of mind.
  • Discover the Securefast AML5C IP53 Waterproof Video Doorbell with Chime. Preview visitors by viewing video footage wherever you are in the world via a smartphone and grant entry by combining with a smartphone lock. It also provides 2 way audio communication so you can virtually check in with a visitor and 24/7 CCTV monitoring for enhanced security.

COVID has irrefutably changed the way we can safely access buildings. With COVID requirements unlikely to change anytime soon, fit your facility with touchless door access to reduce transmission and future proof access control. For more no obligation advice, call Electric Locking Systems, an access control supplier on 01202 941050. Shop our touchless access control systems online with free and next day delivery options available.