Alpro AL151 Electric Strike Rim Lock

View the ALPRO electric strike rim lock AL151 with interchangeable 12 and 24V, and simple fail safe and secure changeover.

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The ALPRO AL150 series of electric rim strike locks at Electric Locking Systems is 12/24v selectable with a stainless-steel striker and a holding force of 750kg (1,680lbs). Has a compact cast aluminium body enclosed in one-part case and is finished in Black polyester powder paint.
• High Holding Force
• Simple Fail Safe/Fail Secure Changeover
• Weather Resistant
• Easy Installation
• 6 Year Guarantee
• Will work with access control and door entry systems
• 12/24v Selectable
• Stainless Steel Striker
• Holding Force
• 750kg (1,680lb) – factory tested
• Low Current Consumption
• 200mA – 12v DC continuous (±15%)
• 100mA – 24v DC continuous (±15%)
• Simple Fail Safe/Fail Secure Changeover
• Compact Cast Aluminium Body
• Enclosed in one-part case
• Easy Installation
• Stick on/peel off template
• Finish
• Black polyester powder paint
• Weather Resistant
• IP56 Protection as standard
• Spares
• Replacement changeover pin
• Approvals
• EN61000-6-3:2007
• EN50130-4:1995 + A1
• EN50130-4:1998 + A2
• EN50130-4:2003
• AC Compatibility (with RM1)
• The Rectifier Sounder Module enables operation with AC voltages. The sounder can be set for either buzzing or silence with both AC and DC voltages. The IEC RM1 unit is continuously rated – max 1 amp.

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